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Laser TATTOO removal

The worlds fastest skin laser system, invented in 2018, presented now in Czech Republic. Picosecond laser is about 10x faster then older YaG Q-Switched laser, which is still used at many aesthetic clinics.

But, there is big drop down in sessions needed. Now we need just 4 laser treatments to get the tattoo off.

It's garanted.

About PicoBEAM laser
Online consultation

Consultations are free of charge, please, use our contact form, attach one photo of tattoo to remove, put some measuring besides tattoo - so we can see, how many inches is there to remove.

We will contact you as soon as possible, with exact pricing, and If you like it, we can manage meeting and begin your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Hotline Nr.: 777 900 875

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Our PicoBEAM laser is new, reliable and soft to skin with clearly visible results in short time. It is new technology, not like an ordinary and old YaG Q-switched lasers. No need 10 sessions, just 4 is enough for us! No pain, because of laser puls duration, no healing time needed.

We are Laser CENTRUM in CZ, but, it is not situated in our capital city Prague - so we can offer better price for you !


Why with us?

Latest technology

We are using the best laser for tattoo removal in the world. It is much more better and newer than his older brother YaG Q-switched.


We are experienced laser clinic, with experienced and well qualified staff. Don't worry, you will be satisfied.

Easy treatmen

Thanks to PicoBEAM laser and his ultra fast pulses, short puls duration and high energy produced is tattoo removal easy and safe procedure.